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On April 22, 2022 | In Real Estate

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A Brand by Any Other Name…5 Tips for Naming Your Business or Brand

KEY TAKEAWAYS A brand name should be strategic A brand name should be relevant A brand name should be distinct A brand name should be surprising A brand name should…

Fiji vs Tap: Firsthand Adventures in Brand Marketing

KEY TAKEAWAYS In marketing, perception is more important than reality. Great brand positioning can overcome product inferiority. When you read the word “Fiji,” what do you think of? Purity? Paradise?…

Political Branding: Archetyping the Presidential Tickets

KEY TAKEAWAYS The 2020 election pits polar-opposite headlining archetypes against one another. Party affiliation influences how deeply a candidate can entrench themselves in an archetypal position. Position strength could have…

The Case for Tilted Chair

What exactly is a “human brand?” Well, let’s start with an example of the opposite. HubSpot found that B2B sales teams have increased their messaging by 89% since March 2020….