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How we serve you

Our custom sourcing solutions allow organizations to focus on their most critical business goals

At adamsbridge, we deliver tailored solutions that fit your business needs, allowing you to stay focused on what you do best: acquiring and developing assets, securing tenants, and increasing portfolio value. With decades of industry experience and a global team of resources, we offer a dynamic range of real estate back office services from property accounting and lease administration to asset and portfolio support. With our ability to scale to support growth, we have become the fastest growing real estate sourcing company in the US.

Service Offerings

Accounting Services

  • Payables & Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Property Accounting
  • Entity Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Fund Accounting


  • Lease Administration
  • Annual CAM/TAX Processing
  • Tenant CAM/Tax Estimates
  • Cash Flow Modeling/Valuation
  • Financial Capital Management
  • Billing/AR


  • Application Support
  • Report Writing
  • System Implementation/Upgrade Support
  • Software Development
  • Robotic Process Automation

Asset & Portfolio Services

  • Data Management
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Abstraction and Underwriting
  • Cash Flow Modeling
  • Data Validation
  • Financial Reporting

Customer Care

  • Tenant Collections
  • Vendor Insurance Compliance
  • Tenant Insurance Compliance
  • Tenant Customer Service
  • Vendor Customer Service
  • Vendor Onboarding

We help clients refocus internal resources on core activities

Our customized solutions are designed by industry experts to focus on transitioning non-core activities away from client back offices. These activities are generally transactional, laborious, repetitive, and, therefore, hard to staff, manage, and measure. Our solutions drive down costs and increase efficiency.


Cost Savings

Material reduction in G&A by leveraging adamsbridge’s methods, tools, and service delivery platform.


Quality Assurance

High quality deliverables through adamsbridge quality control process including three levels of reviews.


Flexible Fee Structures

Flexible pricing models including both full-time equivalent (FTE) and transactional based pricing.



Flexible offshore operating model providing clients with ability to scale with little notice, up or down.



Drive productivity and client costs savings by leveraging innovative technology and proprietary tools.


Account Management

U.S. based Senior Executives assigned to each client with decades of relevant real estate experience.

Our Platform

realserv - Workflow Simplified

realserv is our proprietary workflow portal providing you with the ability to manage, track, and prioritize tasks and deliverables for in-scope functions. Tracking of source document progress from receipt through completion is managed in real-time via realserv.

realserv features:

  • Provides a communication and work process trail for tasks and deliverables
  • Real-time visibility into production status without requiring cumbersome Excel tracker updates
  • Dashboard reporting with “drill down” capability


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